The OLLIE Foundation

Verity Bramwell

Michael Wallace and Ashley Levien first approached OLLIE in late 2017. As Michael is a community volunteer outside of work, he was aware of the charity and the work they were doing.

Ashley and Michael were rolling out their Kickoff@3 football initiative on a National level and wanted to work with OLLIE as they felt there was synergy between the two organisations. 

Since that original meeting, OLLIE have worked very closely with them. OLLIE were privileged enough to be recommended by them for Herts Constabulary’s charity of choice in 2018. OLLIE were also invited to come and speak to a number of Senior Police Officers within the Metropolitan Police about charities role in working with them. On the back of that, they were also chosen as one of the Bromley’s event charities in April 2018. Every year Kickoff@3 also host a social fundraiser for a specific charity and KickOff@3 kindly chose The OLLIE Foundation as their charity for 2019.

The ethos behind Kickoff@3 very similar to the OLLIE ethos, in that it is all about partnerships. It’s not about being the best organisation, but about organisations working together to deliver the best to our communities. 

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact them on or 07715311891

Verity now works for GamCare, the leading provider of support for anyone affected by problem gambling in Great Britain, as a Youth Outreach Officer. 


ACLT (African Caribbean Leukaemia Trust)

ACLT is an independent charity that formed in 1996 with the main aim to increase the number of ethnic minorities on the UK stem cell (bone marrow) and blood donation registers after co-founders Beverley De-Gale OBE and Orin Lewis OBE received the devastating news their son Daniel De-Gale was diagnosed with leukaemia in 1993 – he was just 6 years old. 

Daniel touched the hearts of a nation as he overcame incredible odds of 1 in 250,000 to become the first black individual in the UK to receive a lifesaving stem cell transplant from an unrelated donor in 1999.  Daniel beat his fight against leukaemia and lived a happy life alongside his family and friends for several years, however on 8th October 2008, Daniel sadly passed away due to complications with his health.

The hard work carried out by the charity to uphold Daniel’s legacy over the last 24 years has resulted in ACLT saving over 150 lives through boosting the UK stem cell register from a mere 550 black individuals to over 150,000 individuals of all ethnicities, with approx 70% of those individuals from an African and Caribbean background.  ACLT has also recruited thousands of blood and organ donors, with the latter becoming a focus for the charity in 2010.

Although the ACLT has contributed significantly to the growth of potential stem cell donors in the UK, the number of individuals of African and Caribbean heritage signed onto the stem cell register still continues to be low; a black, Asian or ethnic minority individual living with blood cancer has less than a 20% chance of finding the best possible match from an unrelated donor (White British individuals have a 60% chance at best).

With the assistance of our supporters, volunteers, ambassadors and partnership such as the one with KickOff@3, we will continue with our mission to ensure no one dies waiting due to a matched donor not being readily available.

Website: | Facebook, Twitter & Instagram: @acltcharity |  


Paul Canoville

We are excited to officially announce Paul Canoville as a KickOff@3 ambassador. He has been supporting us and our events for some time and has done us the honour of lending his name and vast experience to our work with young grassroots footballers.

His career spanned 15 years. He was signed by Chelsea from Hillingdon Borough in 1981 and went on to win the Second Division title with the club in 1983–84. However, he was more notable as the first black player to play for Chelsea, and for the negative reception he received from the racist elements of Chelsea supporters.

Despite facing significant challenges Paul shares his experiences with young people and teaching them how to build essential life skills and it is this that makes him particularly fitting for the role of KickOff@3 Ambassador.