Kick Off @3-Lingfield event empowers young people across our community.


Our young people were empowered and celebrated at a special event at Lingfield race course last Sunday with the help of Kick Off @3 an amazing non profit organisation.

Kickoff@3 has positively impacted over hundreds of young people across various communities in the UK through its many initiatives, campaigns and workshops.

By using sports as a medium they have given opportunities not just through sports but through music and other activities. They have also raised awareness and supported an array of charities through their many tournaments. Kickoff@3 is a not-for-profit organisation that relies heavily on sponsorship to run the tournaments and projects, founders Michael and Ashley devote most of their spare time to help inspire and empower these young people.
Kickoff@3 is a collaborative initiative set up by two passionate men with the goal to inspire, motivate, engage and support young people from all backgrounds through the medium of sport, music and other imaginative ideas.
Michael Wallace is a serving Met police officer who is driven by a passion to help engage young with opportunities not just those from disadvantaged backgrounds, but all young people.

As serving police officer Michael understands the challenges that young people have in communicating with the police, not least around how to approach each other and the attitudes they hold, it is this that Michael works tirelessly to help break down the barriers and form a better understanding and how we can all work to overcome these challenges.

“There is no such thing as a bad child, just a child that needs guidance”.

KickOff@3 aims to see less youth violence and hate crime and an increase in mental health awareness, physical fitness and inclusion in sports across the UK.

The Stephen Lawrence Project, another great project organised by KickOff@3 aims to inspire young people across the UK inspired by Stephen Lawrence’s legacy.

During difficult times for our youth with the fear of knife crime and gang violence, work by Kick Off @3 is an amazing light at the end of the tunnel that is able to provide endless support for our also encourages them and empowers them to go forward and create a positive future for themselves despite the many challenges they face.

Michael Wallace really has dedicated his time to helping young people across the communities and bringing them as much guidance and hope as he can to turn their lives around.

The event was also organised by Take the Reigns and Proud and Gifted who played a big part in organising the day that was hosted by our young people.

Take the Reigns and Proud and Gifted in partnership with Kick Off@3.