Mr Richard Braithwaites – Mr Silky Skills

Through a friend, Cherise Weaver from Shaping Futures, I was asked to engage and help promote young peoples futures at the Halton football tournament.

I met Michael Wallace co founder of KickOff@3 and my journey started here, this led to a nationwide introduction to a lot of forces and invites to Bedfordshire and the Bromley final. I met Ashley Levien the other founder of this dynamic duo and the rest of this unstoppable inspiring team. 

Kickoff@3 is providing fantastic support to charities, integrating police with communities, legends and celebrities with everyday people, as well as giving youngsters opportunities which can only lead to them becoming future role models. They’re also doing their upmost to prevent youngsters from entering into a life of crime and regret which I wholeheartedly support due to the nature of work I’ve been involved in for the last 31 years. 

A tour with Kickoff@3 would be a perfect opportunity to cover each event but more importantly to work with each forces engagement teams too.

I engaged and entertained everyone at these amazing tournaments passing on my skills and witnessing youngsters and police expressing themselves together. Thank you all for your invites and fantastic hospitality.



Mr Silky Skills

Richard Braithwaites

Professional Football Freestyler