Radio Verulam 

Radio Verulam is a community station broadcasting in St Albans run and staffed almost exclusively by volunteers with a mission statement to serve the local community providing relevant, lively and engaging radio.

It has been an honour and a privilege to support the team at Kickoff@3 across numerous shows as after initially learning of this wonderful organisation via social media, they have become regularly fixtures across numerous shows.

Their core values of uniting communities via the power of sport, music and art, providing amazing voluntary opportunities in an entirely inclusive mode is incredibly powerful.

With the sad current narrative focusing on the increasing climate of youth violence it is empowering to see how this entirely voluntary organisation here in St Albans and across the country are working closely with young people to empower, uplift and change this perspective.

They are truly a beacon of hope. Quite simply here at Radio Verulam when it comes to Kickoff@3/Tipoff@3 #WeBelieve