Sabrina Bakare

Sabrina is always smiling and radiates positive energy, everyone enjoys being around her! 

As a World Youth 400m Champion in 2013, she demonstrated her talent and tremendously focused hard work ethic achieving this outstanding title. 

Her athletics training started at grass roots level from school and quickly escalated through the ranks to represent GB. Always working hard academically she had to find a balance to reach her very best in academics and sport. 

Following her great achievements in athletics and starting university to study psychology she experienced numerous setbacks through injury and being diagnosed with lupus. 

The hurdles Sabrina has had to overcome to get to this point in life at a young age, shows the mental strength and toughness she has. Sabrina has never given up on anything she sets her mind on, she has a high level of resilience which underlines all of her success to date. 

She has a 1st Class Honours degree in psychology and is training hard in athletics. 

Her passion is mental health & well-being where she now uses her qualification to provide open discussion on mental health issues & removing the stigma associated. 

Sabrina is always looking for the positive and bringing energy to the situation to overcome adversity. She is there always open to listen to others and offer support. She mentors young athletes and has a website where you can find out more: