The National Black Police Association

la Munro, President of the National Black Police Association, spoke to us about his involvement with KickOff@3. Here is what he says. 

Policing is about helping people – usually this is in the context of them being victims of crime. However helping also includes explaining what we do and why we do it, preventing crime and giving people opportunities they wouldn’t otherwise experience.

Although the causes of crime are complex, it sometimes takes something as simple as finding what makes people tick, what interests them, something that is positive, focusing on that rather than the negative and building enduring relationships.

KickOff@3 does that, it helps young men and women focus on sports, and poetry and giving blood to help others – to look up, rather than to look down. KickOff@3 is a force for good that is so much more than football, and yet as simple as the game itself. It has the power to change lives and that is why I and the National Black Police Association are supporting it.