Tony Rice – Producer and Presenter of Verulam Sport

I have been very fortunate to come to know Michael Wallace and Ashley Levien from Kickoff@3 over the last several years. I am never less than astonished by their energy and commitment to the beautiful kickoff@3 project which seeks to empower communities from across the country uniting via the power of sport, art, music and poetry. They show unswerving dedication to this vital mission and it has been a pleasure to see this project develop from an initial concept of like minded visionaries into an Award winning juggernaut, garnering amazing support from notable dignitaries and Ambassadors from the world of sport and beyond.

I can only see this going from strength to strength and I look forward to hearing about this progression on Radio Verulam  in the coming years, as the enthusiasm and humility with which they elaborate on the awesome community work is genuinely heart warming and encouraging for us all.

In closing I can think of no better way to summarise than embracing their very own hashtag tagline….for Verulam Sport on behalf of all at Radio Verulam when it comes to all that Kickoff@3 are, represent and will continue to evolve into;


Tony Rice